Create this new – perform closing out the latest Flynn research has actually hampered the overall Russian investigation?

KING: Do you previously – did the FBI previously short-term the new Trump administration in regards to the advisability regarding connecting actually having Ambassador Kislyak?

COMEY: Every I can say lies let me reveal there are various from protective briefings made available to the fresh arriving government about the counterintelligence risk.

COMEY: No. Well, unrealistic, except on extent – almost always there is possible if you have a criminal circumstances up against somebody and you will squeeze them, flip them and additionally they leave you facts about something else. However, I spotted the two as holding one another but independent.

KING: Pertaining to your memos, isn’t really they correct that into the a legal proceeding while you are weighing proof, contemporaneous memos and contemporaneous comments so you’re able to businesses are considered probative with regards to the validity off testimony?

LANKFORD: Several possibilities to visit, given that anyone here keeps. I said prior to from the temperature out of this past year, once we got a chance to head to individually, which i hope for you and your family relations since you hold a tremendous amount off fret. That is nevertheless real Dominikanske kultur, der daterer flere now.

LANKFORD: Let me walk through a few some thing with you. Your own notes is however excessively important because they provide an unexpected membership off everything wrote down and you can that which you identified taken place in those additional meetings. Maybe you’ve been able to resource the individuals cards after you was in fact getting ready brand new created statement you devote send now?

COMEY: Sure. I think the majority of my personal written tracks from my discussions, I experienced a chance to feedback all of them prior to submitting my report.

LANKFORD: The person that you told regarding the memos, you to definitely next had been sent onto the Ny Times, did you have a duplicate of the memos or advised by mouth?

COMEY: A concern. I do believe so. I suppose I can’t say for sure seated here, however, – I guess I’m not sure. But I do believe therefore.

LANKFORD: So the real question is, are you willing to have them hands that copyright back to you to hands all of them out over this panel?

LANKFORD: I do want to disperse that from possibly so you can enjoying in the event the we could query one to question so we may have a duplicate of those. Needless to say, new notes are really crucial that you all of us, so we can also be consistently get right to the facts once we view it. The authored records is actually exceedingly extremely important.

LANKFORD: Have there been almost every other documents we need to be aware of your used in your preparation for the authored declaration we should along with get that do let you in aiding you with this?

LANKFORD: Through the February 14th meeting, which is a significant conference while we discuss the discussions right here throughout the Michael Flynn, in the event that president requested you on the guy expectations that you would allow this wade, additionally the talk back-and-forth regarding the being a good man, after that timing, did the brand new chairman ever before bring up anything regarding the Michael Flynn once again for you? Got several most other discussions you had records to the president.

LANKFORD: Did a person in the brand new white domestic personnel show up so you can your requesting to drop the fresh Michael Flynn case, one thing discussing that?

I see both you and your services and you may what you do into country for a long period, that which you continue doing

LANKFORD: The key element the following is in the event it is apparently something brand new president is wanting to make you miss they, it looks like a white touch to decrease they, to bring it up at that time, the day just after he previously simply discharged Flynn, to go back right here and you can state, I am hoping we could allow this wade, then it never reappears once again. Made it happen decrease the investigation or people research which can otherwise is almost certainly not taking place which have Michael Flynn?

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