Immediately after a lengthy eight weeks, You will find accomplished the new Wheel of time. We have specific issues

As i try learning each guide, We leftover a keyword file of all the issues I experienced for the realize. Some could be inquiries that were at some point never solved or specific is brief details that we overlooked therefore i merely need to ask here to find out if anybody knows such answers. I do not recall the framework/situation for almost all of them concerns so i apologize if they are effortless responses, I’d features just lost to enter the new answers in duration of training and i forgot all of them right now. Many thanks for your help.

Who is anyone one wants miracle passing regarding Mayene in order to Illian out-of Bayle Domon? Who composed the fresh new forged letter “signed” because of the King out-of Cairhein? Bayle suspects the group taken to package terms were out of Cairhien. The latest gold coins one to Bayle Domon acquired since payment got Tar Valon scratching.

What is actually Lanfear’s link with Perrin’s earlier in the day worry about? For the Perrin’s fantasy, he had been wearing good gilded Lion’s head (Andor sigil?) helmet which have gold armour with his axe.

Who had been the brand new channeler you to interrogated and you can murdered Sahra Covenry during the the brand new farm? Chapter 17 – Deceptions. (My personal imagine is Moghedien)

As to the reasons was Faran (a member of the youngsters of Light) very desperate to destroy Perrin then disappointed whenever Dain Bornhald stopped your order?

She phone calls him “my personal wildling”

  • “Make sure he understands [Demandred] I’m sure just what he is to.” Incidents south had Demandred’s draw around them. Demandred got usually preferred using proxies. “I will not has actually your or their loved ones [Darkfriends?] interfering within my plans. As long as they keep away from me, their lackeys is also carve out just what the guy wants.”

Why did the new Ebony You to purchase Semirhage to deliver Trollocs in order to attack Sammael’s Trollocs during the attack into the Brick out of Rip?

She phone calls him “my personal wildling”

  • New lion blade, the latest devoted spear, she whom sees beyond. About three included, in which he that is lifeless but really existence. The nice competition over, nevertheless the industry maybe not finished with competition. The fresh new residential property split by the get back, plus the guardians balance the new servants. Tomorrow teeters to the side of a blade.

Who is the next top/group out-of Aes Sedai prepared to kneel so you’re able to Rand whenever they get in contact once more? (Pg. 749)

That is the next “upset creature/rabid beast” one to searched Tarabon (just like the risky since the Rand) and you can is said to help you Pedron Niall in the a letter?”

Having POV just what sandwich-section to the Webpage 319-320? As to why performed he state he does not have long left? Was the guy dying? (Guess: Noal?)

Just what were Verin’s information having Beldeine Maroc rencontres dames whenever she made use of a light types of Compulsion on her in the Aiel tent?

Who had been the fresh high guy that have red locks from inside the a blue cotton layer eavesdropping toward Elayne, Egwene, and Nynaeve inside Tel’aran’rhiod? Additional people eavesdropping about other end dressed in a great Shienaran finish.

Who had been the fresh yellow-haired lady with plenty of jewelry one to battled Cyndane that have a great Ter’angreal and was more powerful than Cyndane? Pg. 542

She phone calls him “my wildling”

  • “You realize where to find the person exactly who found me personally yesterday? See your, and you can simply tell him I concur, but you will find a few more than we chatted about.”

The thing that makes Masema meeting with Seanchan and exactly how performed the guy score a page from Suroth? (Guess: Masema try a beneficial Darkfriend?)

Just what are the Aes Sedai creating during the Silver Swan for the Caemlyn? Why did an enthusiastic Aes Sedai coming to the Gold Swan Inn for the Caemlyn mention Cadsuane, and why performed a unique Aes Sedai shush their particular, concerning continue whatever they were saying away from eavesdroppers?

Whom killed Anaiya and her Warder, and later into Kairen Stang (2 Blue Ajahs)? These were slain which have Saidin, near the wagons toward south-side of the go camping. What was Anaiya along with her Warder carrying out there while you are citizens were asleep? (Guess: Halima aka Aran’gar?)

What is the interesting facts regarding the Nynaeve with the Purple Ajah Sitters buzzing and you may delivering sisters to research in the Cairhien? (Guess: this is when Nynaeve is providing Rand wash brand new taint idk in the event the Shadar Logoth is within intimate distance to Cairhien or perhaps not)

Who betrayed Egwene’s miracle propose to damage new chain increase nearby Tar Valon? Who’s Elaida’s magic broker inside the Egwene’s go camping? (Guess: Lelaine)

What’s the almost every other need Elayne allow Borderlanders get across. Due to the fact danger of the newest Borderlanders causing the most other Properties so you can service Elayne unsuccessful? (Guess: Something in regards to the Black colored Tower?)

She phone calls him “my personal wildling”

  • «A minumum of one cause I allow them to cross Andor nevertheless holds. Even in the event she don’t get the throne, she had done you to definitely service to own Andor. Except if anyone who did do the throne bungled issues completely.»

As to the reasons were this new Aes Sedai just who swore fealty so you’re able to Egwene (Nisao, Myrelle, Faolain, & Theodrin) an element of the delegation toward Black Tower? Performed anybody intentionally need to get reduce those loyal in order to Egwene?

Will there be an importance on the mark into the Saerin’s cheek? This has been said twice in 2 instructions now. (Guess: I was thinking she are Mesaana however, that has been debunked)

She calls him “my personal wildling”

  • Rand sensory faculties their particular somewhere in new North. The guy assumes on Arafel

In which performed Logain wade ”scouting” and just why performed he simply take step three of the most effective away from the latest Asha’man that have been faithful so you can your?

Who had been the feminine Picked than simply Isam confronted by and you will offered your requests to help you kill al’Thor? (Guess: Graendal otherwise Lanfear having a great incorporate off Impression)

How does Pad keep enjoying Rand shaving in the event that Ta’veren color swirl in his lead? In my opinion it simply happened several moments during the last few books.

Why did Egwene randomly ask if Tremalking was part of Tuon and her Seanchan’s assets one of several Dragon’s Comfort Treaty which have Rand? Why does she want Tremalking without brand new Seanchan’s control?

P.S. as to the reasons performed most of the fantasies/visions about show keep on saying you to Mat try dicing with brand new Dark That? Achieved it indicate that he was simply pushing their chance sometimes otherwise always in danger? I usually think brand new Ebony That try corrupting your as the guy located this new dagger in Shadar Logoth but i’m not sure. Sorry toward long article but many thanks for one help you deliver with this issues. I am able to in the long run take in it subreddit today without worrying in the spoilers 🙂

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